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Through the Genesis Venture Building Framework™, Engenesis works with entrepreneurial leaders, organisations and investors to build, launch and successfully commercialize business ventures leaner, faster and with less risk.

The Engenesis Ecosystem

Engenesis is in APAC & ME

We build companies ourselves and in partnership with other founders and entrepreneurial organisations regardless of where they are in the world. Our main focus regions are the APAC and the Middle East, including but not limited to: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Turkey, Iran and the UAE.

With headquarters in Sydney, Australia, and offices in Bangalore, India, we collaborate with teams who have a long term vision and are working to build scalable product businesses. We work intensively with founding teams and businesses to get their company into the best possible shape. This ranges all the way from initial conception through to market launch and scale. It is important to us to choose to partner with businesses that aim to have extraordinary and wide impact.

HumanCentric Approach

Our Human-Centric Approach to Venture Building

We believe entrepreneurship is uniquely positioned to make a difference in the world by solving human beings problems. The rate of failure in entrepreneurship globally is unacceptable. Our mission is to systemize a large part of the entrepreneurship process to enable more and more entrepreneurs and organizations to effectively build innovative and sustainable businesses.

The objective in every instance of us working together with another startup, SME, investor or corporation is to move toward a vivid outcome that we would not have otherwise achieved independently and within the same time frame.

The Four Layers of Venture Building

Venture Building

When we zoom out and look into entrepreneurship from a helicopter view it is clear that, in order for successful and sustainable businesses to be built and run, there are four realms that need to be studied: Technology, venture design and building techniques (such as revenue models, sales forecasts, marketing systems etc), capital investment and, most importantly, human capital (culture operations, leadership and performance).

We place human beings, including the executive team and the market, in the centre of the equation. We see success not only being measured by the company valuation or revenue growth, but also through the fulfilment of the founding and executive team, staff, its customers and the community at large.

We take the philosophy that one gets what they want by giving others what they want. We are commited to contribute in fostering a Purpose-driven economy. We believe Human Capital (skills, knowledge, experience and combined being of the team members) is the most important aspect of businesses.

What Engenesis Brings to Each Layer


Venture Design

To assist the challenges in the venture design and strategy layer, Engenesis applies its Genesis Venture Building FrameworkTM. The patterns of success and failure that repeatedly emerged after directly working with over 500 companies and studying thousands more have been distilled into its 6 phases.

To help entrepreneurial business leaders quickly make sophisticated, multi-faceted decisions on what to prioritize next, Engenesis trains these leaders to use the Genesis Framework on their venture in real time. Through this process, they are able to perceive subtle indicators and otherwise missed elements that can lead to dramatically increased, unnecessary risk.


Technology and Product Development

To support the scale-up challenges in the technology layer, Engenesis harnesses its global team of over 70 software product designers and software engineers. Through the unique Planned Agile methodology, we are able to build large-scale software technology by deploying our high-performance teams rapidly.

In the face of rapidly changing business environments, hyper-growth startups to well established 9 figure turnover companies have harnessed this unfair advantage by snapping on ready-to-deploy teams that can move fast when opportunity is present.


Capital Investment

To support the challenges in the layer of capital investment, Engenesis draws upon direct capital investment via Engenesis Ventures, as well as its network of early stage investors. Through our multi-layered approach to venture building, investors rest assured knowing that there is a high factor of capital efficiency in each venture that is backed.

Whether it is the Genesis Framework, Planned Agile product design and development teams or the Ororra and Thrive Transformational Framework, every dollar of capital goes farther for those in the Engenesis investment group.


Human Capital and Growth

To bolster the human and team capital layer for a venture, Engenesis employs the Being Profile tool and the Thrive Transformation Framework.

To help identify high-caliber business leaders and managers, as well as spot gaps ripe for performance transformation, Engenesis engineered a measurement tool that draws on a long line of research and study into the nature of ‘being’ called Ontology. The Being Profile tool was the result, providing a brand new level of rigour when it comes to investing in or establishing high performance teams.

When it comes to lifting the performance of existing teams, Being Profile is placed in combination with the Thrive Transformational Framework. This framework guides business leaders on the challenging task of causing breakthrough performance in their teams.

The Arms of Engenesis


Engenesis Services

Engenesis Services provides services and consulting on a fee for service basis, in the areas of ideation of business concepts, market validation, product and UX design, product development, business design, business strategy, software development and market traction using the Genesis Framework.


Engenesis Ventures

Engenesis Ventures is a portfolio of product businesses in which we have an equity stake in three different tiers. Some are built in-house while others are built in partnership with others. Apart from only providing capital, advice and existing networks, Engenesis Ventures also has shared pools of resources, infrastructure and talents that enable us to move progressively fast toward building long term assets.


Engenesis Institute

Engenesis Institute is our research and educational arm. It is concerned with areas such as entrepreneurship, investment in businesses, technology, the philosophy of personal and company based achievements. This has included domains such as ontology (the study of being/reality), human capital, leadership and high perfroming teams.


Engenesis Thrive

Engenesis Thrive is a network of highly trained and professional coaches who are committed to making a significant difference in the world. We focus on unleashing human potential, human capital, influence and leadership. Engenesis Thrive offers: Coach training and Accreditation for both new and existing coaches, Training and Accreditation in the interpretation and use of the Being Profile One on one or Group Coaching for leaders and leadership groups Transformational workshops for organisations and teams. Every Thrive Coach is accredited in powerfully interpreting and effectively coaching from the Being Profile™ and the Thrive Coaching Framework™


Engenesis Investment Group

The Engenesis Investment Group is a group of highly professional investors that seek to create opportunities where capital investment can make a huge difference to an investment-ready business. While we are always happy to make exceptions for exceptional businesses and leaders, our standard investment decisions are based on a company’s progress and status according to the Genesis Framework and the human capital of the team as measured by the Being Profile and through observation in day to day performance.

Pathways with Engenesis


Entrepreneurship Ecosystem


We turn early stage startups into sustainable businesses

Engenesis exists to support and create business ventures and successfully take them to the market. Through our unique Venture Building Framework™, we build companies ourselves and in partnership with other founders and entrepreneurial organisations. We work with entrepreneurs, SMEs (Small and Medium-sized enterprises), investors and corporates.

Engenesis shifts economic resources from areas of low productivity and return to areas of high productivity and return. In particular, bringing together human capital, funds and technology to provide solutions to the problems faced by humanity.

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